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 Home or Bunker supplies part 1 of 2

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PostSubject: Home or Bunker supplies part 1 of 2   Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:31 am

GEAR (Based on 4 people)

36 each Candles
200 each Fire Starters (jelly, ribbon, tablets, impregnated peat bricks, wax-coated pine cones, magnesium block, flint)
1 each First Aid Kit (see list)
1 each Fuel Refills (for each type, propane, sterno, diesel, gas)
2 each Fishing Kit
4 each Foam Mattress Pads (for under sleeping bags, swags, etc.)
4 cans Insect Repellent
1 each Kettle, huge, with lid (at least lobster pot size) for boiling water
18 each Light sticks (12 hour)
4 each Lighter (butane)
4 bottles Liquid Detergent for clothes and dish washing
1 each Mosquito Netting
4 each Plastic Sheeting or Tarps (waterproofing between sleeping bag and ground)
2 each Propane Lanterns and Extension Poles
2 each Propane Tank (20 lb or 9 Kg)
4 each Propane Wicks or Socks
1 each Portable Clothes Line and Pegs or Clothes Pins
2 each Prescriptions for current medications
2 each Sleeping Bag, Bedroll, Swag or Wool Blankets
1 each Snake Bite Kit
4 each Space Blankets (reflects up to 90% of your body heat and only weighs 20 oz)
2 each Tents (2 person)
5 each Trash Bags*
1 each Wash Board
1 each Wash Tub for laundry
10 boxes Waterproof Matches

* Purchase the heaviest, largest trash bags available for countless uses like an extra tent, emergency wind/rain protection or keeping pack and contents dry)

4 each Backpack for supplies
4 each Fanny pack for short excursions
4 each Five Gallon Pail with Lid
4 each Water Canteen

24 each Bandanas (inexpensive shield face, head cover, wash cloth, bandage, sanitary pad)
12 each Complete Change of Clothing* (3 for each person)
2 each Current Prescription Glasses
12 each Dust Masks
12 each Extra 3 sets of underwear (3 for each person)
1 each Gas Mask if you are living in one of the top 120 major cities
8 pair Heavy Socks for boots
4 each Rain Poncho OR Rubberized Parka and Rain Pants (oversized to layer clothing underneath; these are preferable over Rain Ponchos-offer more protection)
4 each Sturdy Boots
4 each Sunglasses
4 pair Tennis Shoes
4 pair Work Gloves, heavy duty

*Most people will need to consider seasonal changes. Every season, update your stored change of clothes for appropriate weather conditions. In winter, include coats, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, snow boots and clothes for layering.

1 set $1000. in cash and change (during times of disaster charge cards and checks will not be honored*
2 each Compass of good quality
6 each Notepad
2 each Map of your local area
4 each Pen
4 each Pencil
1 set Phone numbers and addresses of friends/family
1 set Pre-addressed, stamped postcards of friends and family out of state (if a disaster is widespread, you'll want to contact someone out of the area)
1 each Radio (solar, hand cranked or battery powered)
8 each Road Flares (these are not legal is Australia)
1 each Short-wave Radio (plus extra batteries)
12 each Signal Flares (these are not legal in Australia)
4 each Signal Mirror
4 each Signal Whistle

*Money is always hard to tuck away and pretend it isn't there, but in this instance, it is a necessity. One can't depend on merchants accepting credit cards during a crisis. Think about it. Whenever you make a purchase, it is always verified by a telephoned authorization number. If phone lines are down and these numbers are not obtainable, chances are your proposed purchase won't be allowed.

2 rolls Aluminum Foil, heavy weight
2 each Boning Knife
2 each Bread Loaf Pan
1 each Butcher Knife
1 each Camp Stove
1 each Can Opener, manual, heavy duty
1 each Corkscrew
6 each Dish Cloths
1 each Dutch Oven, large with lid, stainless steel or cast iron best*
Food/Water Supplies (see Long-Term Storage suggestions)
Fuel for Camp Stove (see Propane Tank listed in Camping Gear)
1 each Grater
1 each Grain Grinder, manual
1 each Hot Pad
6 each Melamine Plates and Cups (aluminum gets too hot)
1 each Metal Coffee Maker or Billy Can
1 each Mixing Bowl, Large
1 each Mixing Bowl, Small
2 each Pancake Turners, metal not plastic
1 each Paring Knife
1 roll Plastic Wrap
2 each Quart Containers with Lids (for purifying water, you need 2 so water can be poured back and forth to re-oxygenate)
1 each Sauce Pan, large with lid, stainless steel or cast iron best*
1 each Sauce Pan, small with lid, stainless steel or cast iron best*
1 each Spoons, Metal
2 each Spoons, Wooden
1 each Skillet, large with lid, stainless steel or cast iron best*
5 pkgs Water Purifying Tablets (50 count)
2 each Water Purification System (see article water purifiers)
2 boxes Ziploc Freezer Bags, gallon
2 boxes Ziploc Freezer Bags, quart

*If you elect to cook outside, cover food to guard against insects. In Australia there are nasty blowflies (blowies in OZ speak) which do rather rude things (lay maggot eggs) in any meat, given the chance. Using lids will also expedite cooking and water boiling times which reduces fuel consumption.
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Number of posts : 31

PostSubject: Re: Home or Bunker supplies part 1 of 2   Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:32 am

GEAR (Based on 4 people)

3 sets Baby Clothes
2 bottles Baby Powder
2 bottles Baby Wash
2 each Blankets
3 each Bottles
26 boxes Diapers, disposable (24 count)
1 bottle Diaper Rash Ointment
? cans Formula
2 bottles Lotion
1 each Teething Ring
2 boxes Towelettes, Premoistened

12 pair Surgical Gloves (these are inexpensive and can be obtained in discount stores)
1 each Camping Potty
2 bottles Disinfectant
3 gallons Liquid Bleach and Eye Dropper
4 bottles Liquid Detergent for clothes and dish washing
4 each Sponges
2 boxes Steel Wool Pads like Brillo
40 rolls Toilet Paper, rolls flattened
2 boxes Towelettes, Premoistened (in addition to ones for infants)
120 each Trash Bags, large (for human waste and misc. rubbish)
4 bottles Vinegar

1 each Bible
1 each Board Games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Backgammon, Checkers
8 each Books for pleasure
1 set Certified Copies of:
birth, death, marriage certificates and divorce decrees
house and life insurance policies
inventory of valuable household items
deeds and contracts
stocks and bonds
charge card account numbers and their "lost or stolen" notification numbers
bank account numbers
medical records including immunizations
social security numbers
passports, where pertinent for each family member

*Keep these items in waterproof containers. Many survival and camping stores sell flat, water tight pouches. If you have a food vacuum sealer, this is another great use for it!

Ammunition, appropriate to and if firearm is selected
1 each Clock, wind-up manually like Big Ben and Baby Ben
2 each Firearm, (pistol and rifle recommended, personal choice item, see Firearms Page if you don't know where to start)
1 each Hunting Knife
2 decks Playing Cards
1 each Magnifying Glass
1 box Paper Clips, assorted sizes
1 box Rubber Bands, assorted sizes
1 box Safety Pins, assorted sizes
1 each Dare To Prepare book

1 bottle After Shave
2 months Birth Control
2 bottles Body/Hand Lotion
4 each Comb and Brush
1 set Cosmetics
2 each Dental Floss
2 bottles Body/Hand Lotion
4 each Comb and Brush
1 each Cosmetics
2 each Dental Floss
4 each Deodorant
3 bottles Liquid Soap for personal washing
1 box Panty Liners
1 bottle Perfume
3 pkgs Razor Blades (10 count)
3 bottles Shampoo
1 box Tampons/Sanitary napkins
4 each Toothbrush
3 tubes Toothpaste
1 each Tweezers, pointed
8 each Wash Cloths & Towels

18 each Chew Bones
10 bags Dog Food, dry (4 Kg or 10 Lb each)
2 each Food Bowl
2 each Leash and Collar
2 each Muzzles
5 bags Litter
1 each Litter Box
1 pkg Litter Box Liners
2 each Toys
1 each Water Bowl
? gallons Water*, one gallon per dog per day. For a cat, it is about 1 pint.
*(Even if it is a small animal, plan on the unexpected. SOMEBODY will undoubtedly spill their day's ration and the pet's water can be used in emergency.)

2 each Batteries for Wheelchairs and Hearing Aids
1 each Crutches or Walkers, Tips and Pads
2 boxes Denture Care Items
1 spare Eye Glasses
2 months Heart or Blood Pressure Medications
2 months Prescriptions
Special Dietary Items
3 sets Warmer Clothing (generally the elderly have trouble with poor blood circulation and get cold easier)

2 each ABC Fire Extinguisher (check for expiration date)

1 each Axe
6 each Bungee Straps (variety of lengths)
1 each Bush or Tree Saw
1 set Buttons, assorted sizes
1 each Crowbar
1 each Drill, Hand-operated
3 rolls Duct Tape
4 each Flashlight (extra batteries, spare bulbs)
1 each Generator, diesel preferably 5 KW
1 each Hammer
1 each Hatchet
1 roll Masking Tape (for labeling, etc)
1 box Nails, assorted sizes
1 pkg Needles and Thread, assorted "eye" sizes
1 box Pins
1 each Pliers, needle nose
1 each Pliers, regular
1 each Post Hole Digger, auger type
100' (30m) Rope, Nylon
1 each Scissors
1 each Screwdriver, Phillips
1 each Screwdriver, Flat Head
1 each Shovel, Rounded V-shaped for digging
1 each Sledgehammer
1 each Staple Gun and Staples
1 each Swiss Army Knife
100' (30m) Twine or Heavy String
1 each Vice Grips
1 each Wire Cutters
1 each Wench and Cable, manual
1 each Wrench
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Home or Bunker supplies part 1 of 2
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